Post Baby Must-Haves!

A lot goes on after having a baby! A LOT! After all you have an entire new life to take care of! With that giant, new and exciting responsibility, we Mama’s tend to put our own needs by the wayside… Since having our third baby (Leo’s Birth Story coming soon) I have come to realize some of my favorite must-have’s (a couple for me and a couple for baby) post baby. I would love to list ALL of the essentials but honestly, there are so many amazing tools offered to Mom’s that it would be nearly impossible to narrow it down and each Mother is just so different, so I am going to focus on a few unique items that I have found success with for myself and my babies (each product is linked).

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One of the first things you are going to do after having your precious new bundle is nurse/breastfeed him or her. Every Mama’s breastfeeding journey seems to differ but if you do decide to breastfeed, your nipples are most likely going to suffer a bit in the beginning. But it’s just a little short-term pain for long-term gain and these Silverettes will help your nipples from that pain! I was amazed at how well these little silver cups worked! You simply place them over your nipples right after giving birth and when baby is ready to nurse, remove them and put them back on again after baby finishes. No nipple creams just the Silverettes! After a little time passes your nipples and milk production accommodate and you won’t need the Silverettes any longer. So simple and easy this product truly saved me the extra pain and prevented any cracking or discomfort and I will absolutely use these again if we ever have baby number four!

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Along with everything else, a Mama’s delivery is going to vary from woman to woman. I need c-sections and as unfortunate as that may be they provide a safe route for my babies to arrive and for that, I am thankful and at peace with it, knowing God makes no mistakes and has our best interest in mind. With that being said, I am extremely sore after baby arrives and having anything over my incision site is extremely tender, uncomfortable and could cause potential harm. I was overjoyed when I came across these c-section undies by Belly Bandit! Not only are the undies super comfortable they provide extra support with a corset-type structure. This structure alleviates back pain for me, since your abdomen muscles are shot. Having bigger babies has caused my abdominal wall to separate severely (diastasis recti) and these undies have helped with that gap immensely! The undies aren’t just for Mothers who have had c-sections they are also extremely effective for women who have vaginal births as well. If nothing else, these undies help shrink the post-baby belly in a safe and effective way which is a serious perk!

There are so many different options as far as sleepers and rockers go… the list is never-ending! I’ve found that these three are my favorite! I loved using the Mumbelli womb-like bed for Leo when we first brought him home, because like I said, it’s a womb-like transition bed. It’s extra soft material makes it cozy and warm. There is also a wedge insert that gives a slight incline incase baby were to spit up, it prevents choking and acid reflex. Being a bigger baby, Leo grew out of the Mumbelli rather quickly but transitioned into the Snuggle Me Organic seamlessly! The Snuggle Me Organic sleeper hugs your baby in the best most safe way! It’s super soft and prevents baby from rolling. It also fits perfectly in bassinets or easily set it in a crib, pack-n-play or just on you couch!  Now, when Leo isn’t upstairs sleeping, I like having a safe option for him to just relax or sleep and the Charlie Crane Levo Baby Rocker is as ideal as it is beautiful! It gives a hammock feeling with the perfect balance of soft and sturdy material. The incline is just right, keeping the baby upright but still comfortable enough for sleep. I love how this rocker blends perfectly into our home decor but also functions ideally for our sweet baby boy!

Lastly, if you are a Mama of more than one babe, you will most likely have your hands FULL so having a WildBird Ring Sling alleviates that quite literally! The sling goes along with some of the other products I love and have mentioned through this post… it’s soft yet sturdy! I really think that is key maybe…after baby is born all they really want is to feel secure but it has to be soft and cozy for them as well! After all they just came from your warm and cozy womb! The WildBird ring slings come with a few different fabrics and can support your baby until they are well into toddlerhood! I’m even able to nurse Leo while he is in the sling so my hands are free all while I’m taking care of him or if he just wants to be held (which most babies do) I am able to do so while taking care of Lazar and Mila’s needs, it’s a serious win-win and a must-have for all Mama’s I’m convinced of it! It’s easy to pack along with all the other baby essentials taking up little to no room and it’s just an added bonus that it’s beautiful!


There you have it… that’s my short list of some of my top must-haves! Like I said, all Mama’s are so different with their own unique experiences and needs… but as far as my preferences go, I would absolutely recommend these items! I will also say, although there are plenty of amazing products out there for basically every Mom/baby need, that’s not what it’s all about, we can certainly get by without it, all our babies truly need is our love, affection and attention over everything else!

HAVE FAITH MAMA(S)… and remember with all the must-haves we think we “must-have” it’s so important to realize that’s not what it’s all about… God wants us and designed us to simply be there for our babies! Let all the other stuff just help make it a little more smooth…and comfy!