10 Hospital Bag Essentials


I wrote a blog about what I planned on bringing to the hospital when I was pregnant with Leo and honestly the list has only slightly changed. We will be welcoming our 4th baby to the mix in a little over a month now and I truly think I’ve perfected what is necessary (at least for me) being a c-section Mama and this being my 4th time in this position.

1. Pretty obvious, but the bag you decide to pack all your essentials in can make all the difference. I personally prefer a backpack style bag/diaper bag. This gorgeous bag from Humble Hilo is clearly stunning but also very functional. Like I mentioned it has the backpack-carry option so it won’t get in the way when you are carrying other things or children! haha It also has pouches on each side allowing you to pack bottles or any drink options really. There are great zipper compartments I like to pack smaller items like the diaper rash cream, essential oils, chapstick etc.

2. The fun part is always deciding what outfit you are going to dress your sweet little one in for the first time! I have been completely obsessing over the Lou Lou and Company knotted gowns! They are truly buttery soft, they are stretchy and they have the sleeve flaps that go over your babies hands, keeping them extra cozy and also preventing them from scratching themselves. I love sleepers that offer the sleeve flaps so you don’t have to worry about packing mitts… one less thing to worry about. I also love how easy diaper changes will be with the knotted feature (no buttons to worry about). I love bringing extra head coverings other than what the hospital offers. This time around I am packing a couple bonnets, a hat and a head wrap! Being a c-section Mama my hospital stay is a bit longer so I like to bring multiple options for the multiple days I will be there!


3. Receiving blanket/swaddle. Whenever I have a new babe I always have a receiving blanket near by! It offers so many wonderful functions from a light weight blanket to a spit up rag, nursing cover to a changing pad! I also love to swaddle my babies in a swaddle cloth to keep them extra cozy and warm!


4. Diapering! This is personal preference, but I choose to use The Honest Company for all my kids diapering. I like to bring it in my hospital bag and use on my newborn so they are used to this brand immediately not taking any risk of having to adjust to a different brand. Again, total personal preference but definitely something i’ve found success with.


5. The Nose Frida! I truly believe this product is something every Mama needs to have on hand at all times! I know how ridiculous it may look, but I am telling you this thing is amazing! If you haven’t ever seen or heard of this, its a snot sucker! Don’t worry though, see that blue foam between the two tubes? That is going to catch anything that may be sucked into your mouth! haha The hospital will always have those old school suction things to offer you, but I promise you, the nose frida is way more efficient and will be 100 times less frustrating for your baby when you are trying to clear their little nose!


6. Nursing pillow. I am a huge believer in bringing your nursing pillow to the hospital. Like I mentioned, being a c-section Mama I am required to stay in the hospital longer. So finding optimal comfort while in the hospital is crucial. Nursing a newborn is truly one of the most special things and their tiny little bodies may not weigh a ton, but being sore and maneuvering around a c-section incision can be difficult, so using a nursing pillow really helps! I LOVE the gorgeous nursing pillow covers Madly Wish offers like the one pictured here!


7. Silverettes. These may look a little strange, but again, trust me they are life savers! I used these for the first time after Leo was born and I am here to report they are a Hospital Bag MUST! These are nipple shields that you place on your nipples immediately after your baby is born. The silver provides healing properties so you won’t have to mess around with creams and ice packs! Like I said, nursing your newborn is certainly one of the most magical moments for a Mama, so protecting your nipples in the process will make the breastfeeding journey that much more enjoyable!

8. Being in a hospital just isn’t what I would describe as comfortable, so bringing comfortable items from home really will make your stay as enjoyable as possible. If you are comfortable you will be able to completely focus on your baby! I have found bringing a robe from home and ditching my hospital gown immediately after I give birth, always makes me feel refreshed! I also make sure to bring at least 2 nursing bras as well! Basically all you are going to be doing in the hospital is focusing on your new baby and that means feeding/nursing. These Bravado Body Silk Seemless Nursing bras are a game changer! There are no wires cutting off milk ducts or poking into you while trying to breastfeed. The seamless design of these bras helps lower the risk of getting mastitis; which is huge! If you don’t know what mastitis is be sure to look it up, its no fun and having a good nursing bra truly does make all the difference! The 4-way stretch fabric moves and accommodates your changing shape and the cup that unclips and folds down makes nursing your baby anywhere more accessible and convenient for both you and babe!


9. Going home outfit for Mama! As Moms it can be easy to get caught up in our babies needs and put ours completely on the back burner. However, if we are comfortable it will be easier to focus on our babies. Finding outfits that you can easily nurse in are ideal! This Storq dress can be worn during and after pregnancy so it will be perfect for wearing to the hospital and leaving the hospital, also allowing me to pack less! I will also be bring this Storq nursing cardigan to stay cozy and feel covered and comfortable while nursing!


10. Lastly, you’ll want to bring along all your personal hygiene items and items you’ll want but may overlook! here’s a quick list of things i’ll include in my bag:

-phone and phone charger.

-shampoo and conditioner.

-face wash and moisturizer.

-body lotion and a fresh bar of soap (you can just throw away there).


-makeup and chapstick.

-essential oils.


There you have it, my Hospital Bag Essentials list! I hope this list was helpful! Just remember to Have Faith Mama’s! After all, you just had a baby! Try your best to relax and soak it all in, ask for help and allow people to help you! XO