The Rug that makes the Room!


#sponsored What makes a room? Is it the paint color? The plants? The curtains? THE RUG? I love putting a room together and nothing ties a room together better than the perfect RUG! I’ve had my eye on this beauty from Plush Rugs for so long and couldn’t wait to get it into our new space! 

If you have been following along with me on my Instagram, you know we just moved from a larger, newer home to a smaller, 1950’s cape cod! Many people in our life have told us that we are crazy for downsizing as we are growing and raising our young family; but this move has felt so refreshing! Not having wasted space to worry about has been so inspiring to me. I now feel like I can focus on my true, authentic style… I’ve been able to zone-in on exactly what I like and really pinpoint my personal design preferences.


Like I mentioned, i’ve had my eye on this Berber Shag by Surya rug from Plush Rugs for the longest time, but had nowhere to put it in our old home. Once we finally moved and started to get settled into our new home, I had the ideal place and vision for it, in our main living room. This rug truly does make the room! I couldn’t have been more excited to partner up with Plush Rugs to show you just how outstanding their rugs are and at very affordable prices! Plush Rugs generously gifted me this rug in exchange for an honest review and showcase of it! To say I am blown away by it, is an understatement! It is even more beautiful in real life than online. It is soft and comfortable to the touch, it is exactly the piece this room needed!


The process of renovating an old home can be slow, hence the old rust/camouflage/shag carpeting that lies beneath our beautiful new rug… BUT can you imagine how much more amazing this space is going to look once our new wood floors are installed?! I can hardly wait! Another thing I have realized through this entire process of moving, downsizing and starting fresh, in not only a new home, but a new town as well… is to just dive in! Explore the new town, get involved, set up your home right away, hang the mirror, lay out THE RUG! Why not?! It’s worth jumping in right away instead of waiting and missing out on the process and fun along the way. I thought I would just wait to decorate our house until everything was painted, new floors installed, refinished bathroom and kitchen. But as time passed I realized I would be way more comfortable through this transition if I just made our space beautiful now, after all it’s exciting to have an ever-changing space, leading up to the final look! One day it will ALL get done, and that will be such a great feeling… for now though, I’m just trying to enjoy it in the in-between as well!


You may be thinking why take the risk of incorporating a beautiful white rug, like this one with three young kiddos running around? I have the answer(s)! For one: the rule is to eat in the kitchen and take your shoes off at the door (I mean is that too much to ask?) It’s really pretty gross to think about tracking our shoes all over our home when they have been out on the streets, stores, restaurants, bathrooms, etc… BUT secondly: Plush Rugs also offers tips on how to clean and care for a shag rug! Now that’s a game changer! Lord knows, we could all use some cleaning tips and tricks!


If you have been waiting to put together the room or space of your dreams because the floors aren’t done or the walls aren’t painted, you name it… STOP waiting and dive in! Make it pretty along the way, document the process and one day you will look back and be so proud of the progress! I’m so happy I went ahead and unrolled this gorgeous rug because it truly makes the room and makes me feel more at Home!

HAVE FAITH MAMA(S)… Dive in and don’t worry about the details too much, enjoy the process and don’t think too far ahead! God wants us to enjoy the climb so when we make it to the top, the victory will be that much more rewarding!