The Rug that makes the Room!


#sponsored What makes a room? Is it the paint color? The plants? The curtains? THE RUG? I love putting a room together and nothing ties a room together better than the perfect RUG! I’ve had my eye on this beauty from Plush Rugs for so long and couldn’t wait to get it into our new space! 

If you have been following along with me on my Instagram, you know we just moved from a larger, newer home to a smaller, 1950’s cape cod! Many people in our life have told us that we are crazy for downsizing as we are growing and raising our young family; but this move has felt so refreshing! Not having wasted space to worry about has been so inspiring to me. I now feel like I can focus on my true, authentic style… I’ve been able to zone-in on exactly what I like and really pinpoint my personal design preferences.


Like I mentioned, i’ve had my eye on this Berber Shag by Surya rug from Plush Rugs for the longest time, but had nowhere to put it in our old home. Once we finally moved and started to get settled into our new home, I had the ideal place and vision for it, in our main living room. This rug truly does make the room! I couldn’t have been more excited to partner up with Plush Rugs to show you just how outstanding their rugs are and at very affordable prices! Plush Rugs generously gifted me this rug in exchange for an honest review and showcase of it! To say I am blown away by it, is an understatement! It is even more beautiful in real life than online. It is soft and comfortable to the touch, it is exactly the piece this room needed!


The process of renovating an old home can be slow, hence the old rust/camouflage/shag carpeting that lies beneath our beautiful new rug… BUT can you imagine how much more amazing this space is going to look once our new wood floors are installed?! I can hardly wait! Another thing I have realized through this entire process of moving, downsizing and starting fresh, in not only a new home, but a new town as well… is to just dive in! Explore the new town, get involved, set up your home right away, hang the mirror, lay out THE RUG! Why not?! It’s worth jumping in right away instead of waiting and missing out on the process and fun along the way. I thought I would just wait to decorate our house until everything was painted, new floors installed, refinished bathroom and kitchen. But as time passed I realized I would be way more comfortable through this transition if I just made our space beautiful now, after all it’s exciting to have an ever-changing space, leading up to the final look! One day it will ALL get done, and that will be such a great feeling… for now though, I’m just trying to enjoy it in the in-between as well!


You may be thinking why take the risk of incorporating a beautiful white rug, like this one with three young kiddos running around? I have the answer(s)! For one: the rule is to eat in the kitchen and take your shoes off at the door (I mean is that too much to ask?) It’s really pretty gross to think about tracking our shoes all over our home when they have been out on the streets, stores, restaurants, bathrooms, etc… BUT secondly: Plush Rugs also offers tips on how to clean and care for a shag rug! Now that’s a game changer! Lord knows, we could all use some cleaning tips and tricks!


If you have been waiting to put together the room or space of your dreams because the floors aren’t done or the walls aren’t painted, you name it… STOP waiting and dive in! Make it pretty along the way, document the process and one day you will look back and be so proud of the progress! I’m so happy I went ahead and unrolled this gorgeous rug because it truly makes the room and makes me feel more at Home!

HAVE FAITH MAMA(S)… Dive in and don’t worry about the details too much, enjoy the process and don’t think too far ahead! God wants us to enjoy the climb so when we make it to the top, the victory will be that much more rewarding!

Birth + the passion that’s born.

If you’ve never experienced it, it might be hard for you to understand it. When you do experience it, you will never forget it. The passion for it will be born along with your baby.  Each Mother has one, and each Mother has passion for hers. It’s her story, it’s what she accomplished. It’s that thing she never knew she was capable of or strong enough to do… It’s BIRTH!

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If you’ve followed me and my blog, you may know that I have needed c-sections for all 3 of my babies. I am very open and honest about how I feel about these surgeries (if you want to read my detailed birth stories they are all documented here on the blog). I never thought much about birth until I got pregnant with Lazar (my oldest). I always thought of myself as a tough person with a high pain tolerance. I wanted to prove to myself and everyone around me, that I could give birth naturally with no pain medications. I never thought in my wildest dreams that God would have placed me on the path of cesarean births, but He did and I am content with that now. After giving birth, I grew a passion for it. I not only love my own births, but seeing a Mother’s eyes light up and hearing the passion in her voice when she tells her story is such a fascinating and beautiful thing! It’s an intense process bringing another life into this world! Something to be proud of and celebrated, no matter how it happens, no matter how admittedly you were against that epidural or c-section… Your baby is in your arms and suddenly none of the details of how it happened impact you the way you thought they would.  Suddenly you wouldn’t change a thing about it because it’s the exact path God designed for you to meet your brand new child! Poof! a passion is born!

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Although every Mother’s birth story has it’s differences, they also have many similarities as well. After it’s all said and done, we all end up with a beautiful bundle of joy in our arms, making birth and all it’s gory glory completely worth it! I became so passionate about birth that I felt inspired to create this blog so I could document each of my kiddos birth stories… I never wanted to forget any of the details! I also have these beautiful Birth Posters from Sweden to remind me of those 3 very special days. They are customizable illustrations of your child the day they were born! The birth facts are listed on the bottom of the poster and the actual length of your baby is accurately displayed on the poster as well; which is so cool to compare sibling to sibling! I honestly adore the minimal look of the posters and will cherish them forever!

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I came up with the idea to interview a few ladies about their personal birth stories. Each Mom has a very unique story from the other… A c-section Mama, a Hospital birth Mama and a all-natural/home birth Mama. Each of these ladies are strong amazing women who so generously shared personal information about their experiences and each of them have amazing children to show for what they went through!

First up, meet Ana! She is a fellow c-section Mama to 4 gorgeous children!


  1. How many children do you have? How did their births vary if at all? I have 4 children 🙂 2 boys, 2 girls! They were all born via C-section.
  2. Did you have a birth plan? If yes, did it go as you planned? If no, do you wish you had? I did not have a birth plan with my first . Like every mom I just hoped that things would go easy breezy and happen naturally. Things did not go as I anticipated with my first born however. I do wish it would have gone differently but I am also glad I wasn’t adamant about how I wanted my experience to go to the extent of creating a “plan”… this is just an added stressor in a very unpredictable situation in my opinion 🙂
  3. Did you have a vaginal birth or a c-section? If you had a vaginal birth did you receive an epidural? If you had a c-section was it pain free? All my babies were born via c-section.  I was induced with my first born, labored for 12ish hrs ( with the help of an epidural of course!) and things just never progressed to the point of pushing. He never dropped down and his heart rate was stressed because of it, so they went forward with a c-section and then the next three were all scheduled. All of my surgery’s were “pain” free, with the exception of very intense “pressure” from the tugging and pulling and of course, the recovery. Recovery or post surgery was very different with every child. My body always goes through a complete shock mode and I usually get the uncontrollable shakes, vomiting, spinal headaches, dizzy,  and just knocked out from the drugs. When your baby is born you just cherish those first moments or first hours with them skin to skin, however I can’t say I have ever had that. Post surgery has always been very rough for me. Each child brought a new experience and unfortunately it never got much better! I wish I could say differently!
  4. If you could go back and change anything about your birth experience(s) would you? If yes, what? Would I change anything?? Ugh that’s a tough one. I have 4 healthy kiddos and I am alive and well to be there Mom! But of course if I could go back and push for a vbac (vaginal birth after cesarean) with my second child in hopes that things would just go differently , that’s the only thing I kind of look back and say I wish I had done. But I can’t regret going with what the doctors thought was the best and safest route for me.
  5. What advice would you give to expecting Mama’s about birth? If I could give any advice, it would be to go into each birth with very little expectations. To always choose the the safest route for you and your babe, even when it means going ahead with that dreaded c-section that you so adamantly crossed out of your birth plan. I’d also advise mamas to enjoy every second, but that’s just not realistic considering what we have to go through to bring a child into the world, so instead, just reflect and embrace how miraculous pregnancy  is and what an incredible gift it is. This makes a lot of the pain and stress of the process so worth it. And most importantly to pray. Non stop prayers.

Next up, Ally! She is the sweetest Mama of 2 adorable kiddos!


1. How many children do you have? How did their births vary if at all? I have 2 kiddos, Ivy Elizabeth is 3 and Greyson Alan is 11 months. I had two very different birthing experiences and when looking back, I am glad as I learned more about who I am. I was at little Farmer when contractions started with Ivy. All the information I researched at random hours of the night provided no help. After calling the nurse many times, I am sure they thought I was crazy, we went to the hospital. After 16 hours things finally progressed and I received an epidural at 7cm and Ivy came at 1pm, 8lbs 9oz. Greyson had a much different birth. I wanted to try natural, did no research, and invited my mom into the delivery room. 2 weeks before Greyson was due I went for my weekly appointment. I was 5 cms dilated and looked like a hot mess, everyone at work reminded me of that too- eyeroll, so they sent me to the hospital. My water was broke and I went to 8cm within the hour. My Doctor, whom I love and tell her it all the time, said “you can wait for this to progress which could be slow or we go fast and furious, up to you.” I decided fast and furious which included her stretching my cervix as I pushed during contractions. Greyson came within 20 minutes, 9lb 8oz.

2. Did you have a birth plan? If yes, did it go as you planned? If no, do you wish you had? Details are my thing so living in the unknown for 9 months was a bit of a challenge. I “researched” every birthing technique to determine what was best for me, often at 2am which I do not advise. There are so many different schools of thought- water birth, home birth, hospital, and more. A few months before having Ivy, Tommy and I decided, we will determine in the moment what is best for our family. I did not have set birthing plans which I am thankful for and feel like each birthing experience was so different but beautiful.

3. Did you have a vaginal birth or a c-section? If you had a vaginal birth did you receive an epidural? If you had a c-section was it pain free? I had two vaginal births and blessed to say no complications with either. I had an epidural with Ivy which I do not regret but after doing a natural birth with Greyson, I would certinly chose natural again. Story time, it all connects with why I would chose natural, after giving birth to Ivy the epidural began to ware off so I wanted to stand and use the restroom. The nurse helped me sit up and asked me to wait a bit so she could help walk me. While I waited and sitting on the side of the bed, I realized I had given birth as my body was beginning to feel the ache and after birth pain, if you know what I mean. The nurse came back and helped me stand and asked I wait. Since I was standing and felt fine I thought “I can walk, no biggie!” Five seconds later I was sprawled out on the floor laughing and crying. One of my legs was still “numb” and had given out. My sisters were laughing as I looked crazy from the photos I have seen, the nurse was not laughing and I was marked as a fall hazard the rest of our hospital stay. End of story and back to how it connects. I had Greyson within 3 hours of arriving to the hospital and was standing with no help an hour after birth. I loved having the option to move my body in more comfortable positions and being in-tune with what was happening. My doctor

and I were able to communicate when I was ready to push, when she would stretch, and how to breath. With Ivy, everyone had to do things for me because I couldnʼt feel those important moments. Greysons birth felt empowering and allowed me to be in control. I felt my body recover faster and heal itself.

4. If you could go back and change anything about your birth experience(s) would you? If yes, what? I would not change either experience. They were so different and special to Tommy and I in unique ways.

5. What advice would you give to expecting Mama’s about birth? Giving birth is a monumental moment, you become a mama. There is nothing better than that word. For 9 months your body has grown, nurtured, and sheltered a new life. You give birth and so much happens afterwards. Be gentle on yourself and your husband. It is a learning curve for both. Continue to seek moments just the two of you after baby is down, learn about who you are as a mother – learn about who he is as a father, and ask for help when you need it.


Lastly, Meghann! Lovely Mama of two cuties!

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  1. How many children do you have? How did their births vary if at all? 2 children (Sage 2.5 years old & Kale 1 year old) Their births varied a bit. I had Sage in a birth center and had a home birth with Kale. With Sage my water broke 12 hours before contractions started. My labor with Sage was 8 hours and 5 hours with Kale. My placenta had an abruption with Sage. I was plant based (vegan) for my second pregnancy and believe that is why things went “easier”. Kale had to be pulled out by my midwife after I delivered his head. Literally his head was fully out of my vagina but the rest of his body was in (LOL). He was pulled out because he was having a little trouble breathing.
  1. Did you have a birth plan? If yes, did it go as you planned? If no, do you wish you had? Per say. I had a detailed birth plan for Sage. We were originally going to give birth in a hospital, but we transferred to the birth center when I was 33 weeks pregnant. We did that because I showed my hospital midwife my birth plan and her response was, “we’ll see.” After transferring care I didn’t have a birth plan outside of what we were going to accept and deny. The same went for Kale. I did go into labor early with Sage so I assumed I would with Kale and he ended up arriving 1 week late. I learned to never assume anything when it comes to labor, ha! I’m glad we didn’t have a plan because each of my births has had things happen that wouldn’t have been in an ideal plan. Next time I will definitely remind myself that all births are different. The waiting for Kale was tough.
  1. Did you have a vaginal birth or a c-section? If you had a vaginal birth did you receive an epidural? If you had a c-section was it pain free? Both births were unmedicated vaginal births.
  1. If you could go back, and change anything about your birth experience(s) would you? If yes, what? The only thing we would have changed is starting right off at a birth center vs. transferring into care at 33 weeks. Both births were definitely the highlights of my life. Getting married is a highlight, but nothing beats the empowerment of growing and bringing a baby into this world.
  1. What advice would you give to expecting Mama’s about birth?                               1. Get educated. Seek information. Find facts.

+ Interview midwives or doctors. Ask them their statistics of vaginal births and cesarean births.

+ Watch “The Business of Being Born” (it’s free on YouTube).

+ Read “Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth” by Ina May Gaskin.


+ Take birth classes.

+ Invest your money.

  1. Take one contraction at a time. Don’t even think about anything else but riding the current contraction. Contractions are much like waves — they slowly start building, they reach a peak, and then they wash away on the shore. It may sound kind of weird, but that is how I got through my birth with Sage. I had that imagery every single contraction.
  2. This is YOUR birth. You make the shots. Go with your gut.

AAAAAAND… just in case you were wondering, I thought I would answer my own questions as well!

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1. How many children do you have? How did their births vary if at all? I have 3 kiddos: Lazar (almost) 4, Mila (almost) 3 and Leo (almost) 9 months. All 3 born via c-section, although they varied for sure. I wanted to have a water birth with Lazar and had seen a midwife my entire pregnancy with him. I was in labor for nearly 24 hours, trying my darnedest to be tough and avoid any pain medications (which I  adamantly did), only to have the on-call OBGYN come in, per my Midwifes request, telling me my baby was large and not moving down my birth canal… it was hard to be “tough” any longer! He told me I would need a c-section and I sobbed! A c-section was the furthest thing I envisioned for my birthing journey. God had other plans in mind. Mila and Leo’s births were scheduled c-sections although I really wanted to attempt a v-bac (vaginal birth after cesarean) with Mila, but it was only 13 months after giving birth to Lazar and my OBGYN highly recommended against that for multiple reasons. The risks were just too high. I had no choice with Leo, so I scheduled the surgery on his due date only to go into labor a few days earlier, still needing a c-section though.

2. Did you have a birth plan? If yes, did it go as you planned? If no, do you wish you had? I did have a “plan” when pregnant with Lazar. As I mentioned I had hoped to have a water birth. I took the classes and was fully prepared for everything it entailed. Again, God had other plans in mind! I’m just thankful for c-sections because without them my Midwife and OBGYN agreed Lazar and I would not be here today!

3. Did you have a vaginal birth or a c-section? If you had a vaginal birth did you receive an epidural? If you had a c-section was it pain free? I had 3 c-sections and I think there is a common misconception around them. I’ve had people tell me, “well at least you didn’t have to endure any pain or the dreaded ring of fire.” The truth is, cesarean births are anything but pain free. Sure, everyone is different and for some, natural birth isn’t as painful compared to others. The same goes for c-sections. I was in immense pain during my first c-section (read Lazar’s birth story). My second surgery I swear an elephant was sitting on my chest the entire time (read Metting Mila). The amount of pressure, tugging and pulling that happens when the baby is being pulled from your uterus is a feeling that can hardly be explained… Along with a c-section comes a spinal. A spinal is like a higher dose of an epidural it just doesn’t last as long, so it wears off quicker. Unfortunately this means you can’t just get up and walk, or go to the bathroom on your own (hello catheter) and you are basically bed ridden until your legs get feeling back again. I RARELY hear Mama’s who experienced both a natural and c-section birth say they would rather have a c-section (in fact I only know of one Mama who preferred her c-section over her vaginal birth). The recovery is most likely going to double in comparison and the long-term impact can be lifelong (i.e scar, scar tissue, c-section pouch, the list goes on). I don’t want to scare anyone away from c-sections because they are certainly necessary and life-saving in many cases, but just make sure to educate yourself and have full confidence and understanding in your decision.

4. If you could go back and change anything about your birth experience(s) would you? If yes, what? This took me TIME to be ok with, but my answer is no. As I am positive you can tell, I would have never chosen a c-section. But like I have stated over and over again, it wasn’t up to me and I needed to let God take over and follow His plan for me and my babies wellbeing! God is ultimately in control, I prayed during all 22+ hours of that excruciating labor with Lazar and I knew in the end, God was answering my prayers, just not in the way I expected. I am forever thankful for His sovereignty!

5. What advice would you give to expecting Mama’s about birth? Pray! Don’t set too high of expectations for yourself, yet have confidence and believe in yourself! Give yourself grace and know God will see you through it all! Have faith that God designed YOU for this no matter the outcome!

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Birth is a miracle and something God created for women to experience. After reading each Mama’s story I think you can see how it stirs a passion inside each of us! It’s not something to take for granted and it’s not something to be ashamed of, its a gift and something to be proud of and cherished! What a perfect way to remember it by displaying your babies birth poster on your wall! Each time I walk by them in my house, I smile reminiscing over those 3 unforgettable days!

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HAVE FAITH MAMA(S)… Remember, God will see you through your hardest obstacles and He will be there rejoicing with you during your proudest moments! Birth is no exception!

Everybody has a Dream®

Disclosure: Leesa® provided a free mattress for me to review. However, all opinions stated are my own. 

We recently returned home from vacation, and when we arrived, I immediately noticed our Leesa® mattress had too! It ships compressed in a box directly to your front door! How convenient is that!? Oh and did I mention it is free shipping to US, UK and Canada!?!

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Is there anything better than being able to sleep in your own bed after being away for awhile?! We got extra lucky to come home, unbox our new mattress and sleep on it that very same night! It really is A better place to sleep® with its three layers of premium foam. The Leesa® feels hard at first, but as soon as you lay down it perfectly forms to your body, giving support and comfort! I don’t like hard, stiff beds, I basically want to sleep on a cloud and this mattress doesn’t disappoint! I think I woke up in the same position I feel asleep in… and I might have thought it was a fluke because of the two full days we spent driving in the car prior to, but the same thing has been happening the last week as well!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Not only is Leesa® a great mattress; the company also donates 1 mattress for every 10 sold to local homeless shelters, because lets face it, everyone deserves a good night sleep! It really is remarkable the difference a full night of restful zzz’s makes… As a Mama of 3 kiddos 3 and under I need all the rest and energy I can get before I start the day with them!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I’ve already noticed I have more energy and feel rejuvenated by morning! It also helps that our sweet Leo boy is sleeping through the night now as well! Let’s just say, we are all getting better sleep these days!

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The signature 4 stripe design makes this mattress almost too pretty to cover up! Leesa® mattresses are made with premium products providing the comfort, support and universal feel everybody seeks for a good night sleep! So, it really does feel as good as it looks!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I was genuinely happy to work with Leesa® not only because of their generosity to the homeless community but because they also plant 1 tree for every mattress sold! I think balancing profit with a purpose like Leesa® does is honorable and a company anyone should be proud to support! It’s a goal of Paul and I to provide our kids with well-rounded morals and values and there are lessons to be learned all around us! It’s so encouraging to see companies such as Leesa® doing just that!

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It’s dangerously comfortable® and with the 100-night sleep trial it’s a no brainer that Leesa® mattresses are a solid choice! I plan to fill all of our bedrooms with a Leesa® mattress because they really are A pathway to a better life®! We are all about that path in the Wise home!

HAVE FAITH MAMA(S)… Everybody has a dream® and Leesa® can help make them come true!

Disclosure: Leesa® provided a free mattress for me to review. However, all opinions stated were my own.

Use this code to receive $125 off your purchase:

Leesa Mattress




Leo’s Birth Story!

Yesterday we celebrated Easter as a Family of FIVE (2018)! Last year on Easter I miscarried our baby (THE BABY I CARRIED BUT NEVER HELD). Last year it was so hard to imagine ever being a family of five… I thought it was something that would never become a reality for us. This year I was overcome with JOY, because our sweet Leo is here with us and without that miscarriage he wouldn’t be! During Easter I am reminded of the ultimate sacrifice Jesus Christ made for us, He truly wants the best for us and continues to provide in ways I never knew were possible! I am forever thankful!


“Thursday, June 8th 2017: My heart rejoices! I took a pregnancy test around 9:30pm and it read, “PREGNANT!” When getting ice cream tonight with my Mom and Dad, Lazar and Mila saw a rainbow and pointed it out to us with so much joy! I got chills! I just knew God was giving us our rainbow baby and He was already celebrating with that beautiful display in the sky! “I have told you these things, so that you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. BUT take heart; I have overcome the world!” -John 16:33″

Those are the words I journaled that Thursday night after taking the positive pregnancy test! Our God never ceases to amaze me! Leo was on the way!

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Fast forward nine months, it was only two days before my estimated due date and my scheduled c-section. My OBGYN and I came to the conclusion that a c-section was my best option for my delivery, as Leo was most likely going to be a big baby just like Lazar was. After a day of labor with Lazar (LAZAR’S BIRTH STORY), I needed a c-section because he was too big. So that is ultimately why we planned my c-section for Leo. Saturday, February 17th at 3:30am I woke up to a strong contraction. I got up to go to the bathroom and couldn’t fall back asleep, as the contractions remained consistent with ten minutes between each one. I decided to go downstairs around 5:30am and call nurse direct to let them know what was going on, since I didn’t know if my OB would just like me to come in right away knowing I need to have a c-section. The nurse connected me with the OBGYN on call and he advised me to wait until my contractions were five minutes apart (I assumed that would happen within the hour). My contractions ended up staying ten minutes apart for the entire day… It got to 3:30pm and I was getting frustrated and tired of the strong contractions every ten minutes. Paul had brought me lunch and I explained to him how uncomfortable I was, and really couldn’t imagine waiting this out for another (potential) two days until the 19th. He told me to call the OBGYN on call again and see if it was possible to come in even without the contractions being five minutes apart, because of my discomfort and ultimately knowing I need a c-section, so going through labor was basically pointless and unnecessary… The OBGYN agreed and told me he would be happy to do the c-section that night, but I would have to wait six hours since I just ate… I was so excited we were finally going to meet our rainbow baby!!

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I had a scheduled c-section with Mila (MEETING MILA), so I knew exactly what to expect. You go in, get undressed put a hospital gown on and the nurses start to prep you for surgery, lots of questions and a poke or two for the IV to get fluids started. I remember being overly nervous about the spinal I was about to receive. All I could think about was a giant needle going into my spine and getting slightly worried something could go wrong… I remember sitting in the hospital bed, being hooked up to a monitor to hear Leo’s heartbeat, and just asking God to be with me! I was honestly too nervous to string together a well thought-out prayer, all I knew was I needed HIM there with me and I knew He was!

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I knew HE was there because this was honestly the smoothest delivery! I felt so calm and at peace, it was different than the other two births… there was an extremely positive vibe throughout the surgery room and I just knew God was there guiding the whole thing! It was extra special and honestly meant to be that I went into labor on a Saturday, because normally only one person is allowed into the surgery room, but because there were no other c-sections that day (they don’t schedule on Saturday’s) my Mom was able to be in the room along with Paul! This was such a blessing, as she was able to watch the entire surgery. Paul doesn’t want to watch what happens on the other end of the curtain so I loved hearing all about what my Mom was able to see! She also video tapped the Doctor pulling Leo out and I will forever cherish that video!

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The cord was wrapped around his neck twice! Watching the OBGYN unwrap it from Leo’s tiny, fragile, little neck is so emotion for me to watch… that is something that could’ve taken Leo away from us, BUT God was there and He wasn’t going to let anything stand in the way! Our Leo had arrived! Our rainbow baby, the baby I didn’t know if I would ever get… Here and healthy as could be weighing in at 9lbs 10oz 21.5inches long!

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It’s amazing the immediate LOVE you feel the second you hear those first cries! There is always an intense pressure you feel as the OB pulls the baby from your womb, it’s like getting socked in the stomach, taking your breath away, although there isn’t pain associated with it, just pressure… LOTS of pressure… it’s such a strange sensation, but amazing all at the same time! Birth is a gift and miracle from God that I am so thankful I get to experience. I used to get really upset over the fact that I need c-sections, but I’ve come to realize that they are a blessing allowing our babies to arrive safely! I don’t take any of it for granted!


I was able to hold Leo right after he was born and it was honestly the most precious gift! After Lazar and Mila were born, I just wasn’t doing well enough to be able to hold them. So getting these first moments with Leo were so special to me! After I was all stitched up and back in my hospital room, the nurses come to check on you and make sure your uterus is starting to shrink back down. They push on your belly and it’s the most awful feeling… but having Leo in my arms is sooooo worth the pain! After the first couple pushes on my belly, the nurses exchanged concerned looks… they explained to me that I was loosing too much blood. They made calls to the OB and he said if it didn’t lighten up, to give me a suppository of medication to slow the bleeding and help my uterus shrink. The medication didn’t help and the nurses couldn’t explain why… they told me I would need a blood transfusion if things didn’t change…and quick. I felt overwhelmingly calm and just asked God to provide, I clearly and precisely asked Him to regulate my bleeding so I wouldn’t need the transfusion, I didn’t want to use blood that might save someone else’s life. He did exactly what I asked, my blood count was PRECISELY at the cut-off point for not needing a transfusion!


Leo and I spent the first couple nights together in the hospital alone. Paul stayed home with Lazar and Mila and I didn’t want to ask any family to stay with me in the hospital since it is honestly a restless experience, having nurses constantly checking in on you in the middle of the night, not to mention the couch/bed they offer is the furthest thing from desirable… I thought I would be really lonely , but it happened to be a really sweet time with just Leo and I. I enjoyed our one-on-one time together and it’s something I’m going to cherish for a lifetime! Paul brought Lazar and Mila everyday and I adored their visits along with all the family and friends visits as well!


Typically after a c-section they want you to stay in the hospital for four days, but I was able to return home after only two days and I certainly wasn’t complaining! I know some Mama’s with multiple kiddos like to stay in the hospital as long as they can for the extra peace, quite and nurse assistance, but I am most comfortable being at home with Paul and our babies! I couldn’t wait to get home and start our life together as a family of five!


I wasnt sure how Lazar and Mila would acclimate having a new baby around, but they did and are doing amazing! I am blessed to be surrounded by the most loving family who helped during my healing process! My sweet Mama came over almost everyday to help with Lazar and Mila, having her cook some of my favorite meals on top of that was such a blessing! It’s as if time moves in slow motion after you bring a baby home and I love that my Mom is able to spend those first couple weeks with me; it’s time we get to have together that we wouldn’t have otherwise and I cherish it… it’s just a happy time all-in-all!


Transitioning from two to three kids has had it’s challenges for sure, but it has ultimately been one of the greatest things to happen to us all! Leo is almost two months old and he has been a dream come true! Lazar and Mila wake up every morning asking about him and wanting to hold and kiss him! Nothing makes me happier than to see all three of my babies love on one another!


HAVE FAITH MAMA(S)… whether you are in the storm or experiencing the rainbow, aways remember God is right there with you, He wants the very best for you and when you rely on Him, putting all your trust in Him, you will experience dreams unfold before you plus some you never thought possible!





Post Baby Must-Haves!

A lot goes on after having a baby! A LOT! After all you have an entire new life to take care of! With that giant, new and exciting responsibility, we Mama’s tend to put our own needs by the wayside… Since having our third baby (Leo’s Birth Story coming soon) I have come to realize some of my favorite must-have’s (a couple for me and a couple for baby) post baby. I would love to list ALL of the essentials but honestly, there are so many amazing tools offered to Mom’s that it would be nearly impossible to narrow it down and each Mother is just so different, so I am going to focus on a few unique items that I have found success with for myself and my babies (each product is linked).

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One of the first things you are going to do after having your precious new bundle is nurse/breastfeed him or her. Every Mama’s breastfeeding journey seems to differ but if you do decide to breastfeed, your nipples are most likely going to suffer a bit in the beginning. But it’s just a little short-term pain for long-term gain and these Silverettes will help your nipples from that pain! I was amazed at how well these little silver cups worked! You simply place them over your nipples right after giving birth and when baby is ready to nurse, remove them and put them back on again after baby finishes. No nipple creams just the Silverettes! After a little time passes your nipples and milk production accommodate and you won’t need the Silverettes any longer. So simple and easy this product truly saved me the extra pain and prevented any cracking or discomfort and I will absolutely use these again if we ever have baby number four!

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Along with everything else, a Mama’s delivery is going to vary from woman to woman. I need c-sections and as unfortunate as that may be they provide a safe route for my babies to arrive and for that, I am thankful and at peace with it, knowing God makes no mistakes and has our best interest in mind. With that being said, I am extremely sore after baby arrives and having anything over my incision site is extremely tender, uncomfortable and could cause potential harm. I was overjoyed when I came across these c-section undies by Belly Bandit! Not only are the undies super comfortable they provide extra support with a corset-type structure. This structure alleviates back pain for me, since your abdomen muscles are shot. Having bigger babies has caused my abdominal wall to separate severely (diastasis recti) and these undies have helped with that gap immensely! The undies aren’t just for Mothers who have had c-sections they are also extremely effective for women who have vaginal births as well. If nothing else, these undies help shrink the post-baby belly in a safe and effective way which is a serious perk!

There are so many different options as far as sleepers and rockers go… the list is never-ending! I’ve found that these three are my favorite! I loved using the Mumbelli womb-like bed for Leo when we first brought him home, because like I said, it’s a womb-like transition bed. It’s extra soft material makes it cozy and warm. There is also a wedge insert that gives a slight incline incase baby were to spit up, it prevents choking and acid reflex. Being a bigger baby, Leo grew out of the Mumbelli rather quickly but transitioned into the Snuggle Me Organic seamlessly! The Snuggle Me Organic sleeper hugs your baby in the best most safe way! It’s super soft and prevents baby from rolling. It also fits perfectly in bassinets or easily set it in a crib, pack-n-play or just on you couch!  Now, when Leo isn’t upstairs sleeping, I like having a safe option for him to just relax or sleep and the Charlie Crane Levo Baby Rocker is as ideal as it is beautiful! It gives a hammock feeling with the perfect balance of soft and sturdy material. The incline is just right, keeping the baby upright but still comfortable enough for sleep. I love how this rocker blends perfectly into our home decor but also functions ideally for our sweet baby boy!

Lastly, if you are a Mama of more than one babe, you will most likely have your hands FULL so having a WildBird Ring Sling alleviates that quite literally! The sling goes along with some of the other products I love and have mentioned through this post… it’s soft yet sturdy! I really think that is key maybe…after baby is born all they really want is to feel secure but it has to be soft and cozy for them as well! After all they just came from your warm and cozy womb! The WildBird ring slings come with a few different fabrics and can support your baby until they are well into toddlerhood! I’m even able to nurse Leo while he is in the sling so my hands are free all while I’m taking care of him or if he just wants to be held (which most babies do) I am able to do so while taking care of Lazar and Mila’s needs, it’s a serious win-win and a must-have for all Mama’s I’m convinced of it! It’s easy to pack along with all the other baby essentials taking up little to no room and it’s just an added bonus that it’s beautiful!


There you have it… that’s my short list of some of my top must-haves! Like I said, all Mama’s are so different with their own unique experiences and needs… but as far as my preferences go, I would absolutely recommend these items! I will also say, although there are plenty of amazing products out there for basically every Mom/baby need, that’s not what it’s all about, we can certainly get by without it, all our babies truly need is our love, affection and attention over everything else!

HAVE FAITH MAMA(S)… and remember with all the must-haves we think we “must-have” it’s so important to realize that’s not what it’s all about… God wants us and designed us to simply be there for our babies! Let all the other stuff just help make it a little more smooth…and comfy!

A Day in Her Life!

I was asked by the lovely Emily Morrice to share a bit about what my life looks like from day-to-day! I was honored but also thought oh boy, what do I possibly have to offer? My day-to-day isn’t all that exciting or glamorous! Most days you will find my kiddos and I at home, but I certainly do not take my ordinary days for granted! I am forever thankful for the life God has blessed me with! So here goes nothing!

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Being a SAHM (stay at home Mom) has always been a dream of mine. Seriously, ever since I was a young girl I would fantasize about the days I would have my own babies to take care of. God has blessed me with the two most amazing children with one on the way! Lazar is 3, Mila is 2 and Leo is due February 19th! Having kiddos so close in age is also something I always thought I would do if possible, probably because that is how I grew up and I loved the closeness my brothers and I shared!

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A typical day for Lazar, Mila and I starts off by smothering Paul (my husband, their Daddy) with lots of hugs and kisses as he leaves for work! Most days (if I’m feeling up for it) I load the kids in the car and drive to get a coffee. Some days we go to a coffee shop to hang out, get breakfast and other days it’s a quick drive-through. I like to get out of the house even if it’s just for a little car ride; it just seems to make all the difference. We live in Wisconsin and when winter hits, being outside isn’t really an option… and feeling cooped up inside gets old, especially for an energetic 2 and 3 year old!

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After we return home from a little coffee trip I like to let Lazar and Mila have some playtime before naps/rest-time. I decided to make our basement into a playroom and the kids love running around and playing down there. We decided not to put a TV down there so the kids won’t just focus on that, instead I play fun music (which is so great because it almost always turns into a dance party)!

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After “playtime” I make the kids some sort of snack. I typically make them a protein shake for breakfast, unless we eat during our coffee outing. I use the meal shake from Shaklee, they love it and ask for it daily! After their snack/shake I like to have some rest-time. Mila still takes a nap so if I put a movie on and cuddle up on the couch with them, Mila will usually fall asleep while Lazar relaxes watching the movie. When the movie finishes and Mila wakes up, it’s usually time for lunch. Lunch typically includes anything from, pb and j’s to shredded chicken usually with some sort of fruit or veggie. But don’t let me fool you, a lot of days are filled with an excess of snacks and lunch turns into an all-day kind of thing! haha

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My husband works very hard to allow me to stay at home with the kids and I will forever appreciate that. I knew I still wanted to contribute if I could while remaining at home. I wanted to start a blog and from my blog I thought up and designed t-shirts. I decided to start an Etsy shop where I sell my shirts. I love that my t-shirts have encouraged ladies all over the world! My goal in creating the t-shirts was simply that, to encourage ladies and make them feel they could do anything with just having faith! I also recently became a Maskcara makeup artist! I’m beyond obsessed with the makeup and knew it was a product I could stand behind and share with other ladies… again helping them feel good about themselves! Being able to run my Etsy shop and sell makeup from home has provided extra money for our family that I am proud of! If it ended up taking time away from my kids I would simply stop, because my first priority is raising my babies. I’m just thankful I am able to juggle both right now.

Each day varies, but our end-of-the day can sometimes be visiting my parents house or finishing the night with a bath and food Daddy brings us home (since he owns a restaurant with his family). Our nighttime routine went from a 7pm bedtime with both kids in their cribs sleeping soundly through the night. However, these days it looks more like Lazar sleeping with Paul and I while Mila sleeps in her bed in her and Lazar’s room. Our kids have always been exceptional sleepers and this new routine has allowed that trend to remain so no complaints here. I honestly never thought my kids would like to co-sleep since they always did so amazing in their own cribs but I do love it and I know how quickly everything can change, so I’m just giving thanks for the season we are in and embracing all that comes with it!

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Every morning I wake up and each night I go to bed, I thank God and praise Him for this life He has provided for me! I know I wouldn’t have any of it without Him and I truly don’t take a second of it for granted. I mean it when I say, I often well-up with tears when I look at my family and wonder how in the world I get the opportunity to have Paul, Lazar, Mila and soon Leo in my life! My day-to-day may not be exciting or glamorous to some, BUT to me, it’s the best days of my life!

HAVE FAITH MAMA(S)… Your days may seem little and unimportant but one day you’ll look back and realize those were the big and best days of your life!

Hospital Bag Essentials.

Yay! It’s finally time to bring your baby home from the hospital! You’ve been waiting for this moment for 40 weeks (possibly more)! But all of a sudden you might feel overwhelmed… like, “what does the baby really need right away?” “What do I need?” “Do I need to bring snacks?” “Or should I bring all my shower gear?!” Ahhhh it’s simple really, in reality ALL you need is to be there for your new little one! He/She want’s nothing more than to be snuggled and fed by His/Her new Mama! BUT, if you are wondering what things might be helpful during your hospital stay after you meet your most precious gift, this is a list I came to perfect after having done this two times before in the last 3 years!


O N E:

You most likely bought or received some super, trendy, rad diaper bag that has all the right compartments for all the little things you and your sweet babe will need, not only in the hospital but also well afterwards. Might as well get it nice and ready for all the future adventures you’ll plan to take after you’ve given yourself the proper amount of time to heal/recover that is! I will be bringing my Whirlwind diaper bag along! This bag is as functional as it is beautiful! Here is a link to the Whirlwind bag I own! I highly recommend this bag whether you are a first-time Mom or a seasoned one, this bag is amazing!

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T W O:

Now that you have the perfect bag to carry all the essentials, you have to fill it! The hospital is going to provide you with diapers and wipes for your baby, but I use The Honest Company brand for all my diapering. I like to bring my own (this is completely personal preference) I look at it like, I would like to start my baby off with what I will ultimately be using on him/her right away, rather than having to switch and possibly cause an unnecessary rash or something from the change. The odds of that actually happening are probably zero, but like I said it’s simply my personal preference. You can always ask someone from your hospital what types of diapers and wipes they use and you may decide to use the same ones!

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T H R E E:

Diaper rash cream! Honestly you’re probably not going to need this, but this follows my motto with bringing my own diapers and wipes. I like to be prepared with the products I trust and plan to use on my baby when we are home. Not saying what the hospital is offering isn’t adequate, I’m sure it is more than ok, just going back to my personal preference again. This is also apart of The Honest Company brand that I trust in and love; since it has worked great for Lazar and Mila.

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F O U R:

Receiving blankets! I rely on these blankets for so many things. You can swaddle your baby in them, you can use it as a nursing cover, you can use it as a soft surface to lay your baby on. Ultimately, I like to use it as a spit-up rag. So glamorous, I know! haha But, babies spit-up, drool, etc and you want something silky soft to take care of those inevitable “spills!” My favorite brand is Aden and Anais! These blankets are super soft and just so convenient to have! You won’t regret packing this in your diaper bag ever!

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F I V E:

Swaddle! Your baby was just born and was literally in the most comfortable situation possible… floating around in your womb, nice, cozy and warm. Now they are out in the cold world and want that squishy warmth back! That’s where a swaddle comes in handy! I love seeing my baby perfectly content and swaddled! I mean how adorable is a swaddled baby?! This swaddle is called an Embe swaddle, it has two different options for swaddling your fresh new babe! It can wrap them completely up keeping them cozy or you can give them a cooler feel by letting their little legs hang out, either way it’s essential for your hospital bag!

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S I X:

Zipadeezip! I cannot tell you how many Mama’s I have recommended to this product! It is something so simple, yet truly effective! Typically your baby won’t need this until they outgrow their swaddle but in some cases (like my Mila) babies won’t always like being swaddled. The zippered-zip is literally called a swaddle transition, so when they get stronger and can break out of their swaddle they are ready for the zippered-zip. Like I said, not all babies like to be swaddled so zipping them up into this ensures they will be kept warm without potentially suffocating by having a blanket over their face. I know that sounds dramatic, but I never compromise safety. My 2 and 3 year old still sleep with their “Ni Ni’s” (zipadee-zips)! I’ll be bringing a zippered-zip just incase Leo doesn’t like the swaddle like Mila.

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S E V E N:

Outfit(s)! Ok, again, the hospital is going to put your baby in a fresh, new onesie, but  I like to bring freshly washed zipper sleepers. I bring a few… in case of spit-ups and blowouts. I also like to bring a couple different size options. Lazar never fit into newborn clothing, so I was happy I brought 3 month sleepers as well.  Don’t pack that adorable little sweater vest and suspender outfit your trendy Aunt bought you, stick with the zipper sleepers! You’ll thank me for this one! First of all your baby doesn’t care about fashion, they just want to be comfortable! Second, I specially mentioned zipper sleepers because trying to button 675 buttons when you have a fussy newborn isn’t fun! Zippers are your best friend especially during the middle of the night blow-outs! I should add, I love the sleepers that have the flap on the wrists so you can put it over your babies hands. Not only will this keep your baby extra warm it will also prevent them from scratching their face and they will if their little fingers aren’t covered, you don’t want to see your babe all scratched up, they don’t like it and you won’t either!

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E I G H T:

Hat and mitts! I think you can tell that I really put a lot of thought into keeping my baby warm and comfy! Like I said they just came from the comfort of your warm, squishy womb, now they want the next best thing! Keeping their little head and hands warm is going to greatly help them remain comfy and content! The mitts are also helpful if the clothing you have them in doesn’t have the hand coverage I mentioned in number 7. These little mitts really will save them from scratching you and themselves!

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N I N E:

Now onto items I plan to bring for myself! 1-8 should be all the extra things you need for your baby. Your baby isn’t the only one thats going to be a little less comfortable… I like to be the most comfortable I can be, given the situation. So taking the stiff hospital gown off is always a great first step! I like to bring a thin Pinkblush delivery robe so it’s easy to nurse in and it’s not in the way when the nurses come to check/push on your belly. I’m also going to bring my Dwell and Slumber dress along this year as well! It’s a caftan gown that’s functional for nursing as well!

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T E N:

Nipple and hand cream! If you plan on nursing you will certainly want nipple cream! This is one of those things ya just gotta trust me on! Your nipples are not use to being used constantly, so they are inevitably going to get sore, this is where the Tubby Todd nursing salve will come in handy, its also safe for your baby! The Tubby Todd hand cream is just an added bonus to have along as well!

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I was also sent a product from Italy that is focused on #HAPPYNIPPLES It’s a safe, effective and natural way to soothe and protect your nipples through nursing! I have never had the opportunity to use this product and I am so excited! I was told to put the Silverettes on immediately after giving birth, then take them off while nursing, but as soon as the baby is finished eating, to put them back on again. The silver will sooth and it also has healing properties! Let’s just say, these things sound like a dream! Im excited to let you know how they work!

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E L E V E N:

Boppy Pillow! Hopefully you received this little gem at your baby shower, because if you have decided you are going to nurse your baby this pillow will come in handy greatly (especially is you have a c-section, it keeps the baby off your incision). I like to bring it to the hospital because they don’t offer one and the pillows there just don’t do the trick! There are so many different options for boppy pillow covers but this one from Madly Wish is stunning!

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T W E L V E:

Mama’s going home outfit! Really the last thing you want to think about is what you are going to wear on your car ride home from the hospital but you have to be prepared and you will want it to be comfortable, especially if you are having a c-section, since it is a major surgery and you are going to be a lot more sore from the incision than if you have a natural birth. I’m so excited to wear my Blanqi postpartum + nursing support leggings and tank top!  I’ve been living in my Blanqi maternity support legging and tank top, so I know these won’t disappoint!

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I’ll be wearing my Blanqi maternity belly support leggings and tank top along with my Madewell sweater coat and Ugg slippers to the hospital, so when I leave I plan on just switching out my maternity wear for my postpartum wear!

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T H I R T E E N:

Makeup/shower essentials! I like to bring shampoo and conditioner with a fresh bar of soap/facial wipes and really anthying else in order to feel fresh and clean. Don’t forget your tooth brush and tooth paste! It’s so easy for me to pack my makeup since it’s all-in-one convenient compact! Let me know if you want to know more about my Maskcara makeup routine and how I can easily set you up with it as well!

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L A S T L Y:

There are going to be some personalized things you may want to bring, like a certain camera, essential oils, chapstick or whatever it may be… don’t forget to bring your phone and phone charger. ALSO, if you want to give your baby a pacifier don’t forget to bring at least two, possibly three just to be safe! But really, it’s truly all about you and your baby! Be there for him/her and give them all the snuggles and kisses possible! It goes by way too quickly! I envy the gals who are able to have home births but unfortunately that’s not my reality and it may not be yours either. It’s so important not to focus on what’s missing or what could have been, it’s just ESSENTIAL to focus on that new beautiful life God just blessed you with!

HAVE FAITH MAMA(S): Remember there is nothing more essential than loving that new baby God just blessed you with! Soak it all in and focus on that and let this list just be a helpful reminder of some other things you may want to bring along!




It’s not the house that makes the home!

We were so excited to work with the Atkinson Candy Co. They sent us a big box of goodies that included everything you would ever need to assemble the perfect gingerbread house! I knew Lazar and Mila would love this experience for the obvious reason… candy! Atkinson Candy Co. made it extra special and delicious, providing lots of yummy candy options. I was determined to make the gingerbread house as perfect as possible, but as we got started I realized it isn’t about making it perfect that matters… I quickly realized it’s all about the memories we are sharing and creating through this gingerbread house experience!

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I talk about this often, but it’s something that holds a lot of truth; I think as Moms we feel like we need to get everything perfect… We try and provide the best for our families and sometimes our idea of perfect isn’t what our children and husband actually need or even expect, contrary to what we might think.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

As much as I try to keep the house spotless… having the laundry done, folded and put away nicely, floors vacuumed and moped, and dishes washed, dried and put away, I know thats not what makes a house a home.

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Having a home is a place that is filled with love and laughter with the occasional tears and arguments that inevitably happen, but ultimately make everyone stronger! Grace and patience are qualities that I am constantly reminding myself to give not only to my children and husband, but to myself as well!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

So as we assembled the gingerbread home, I made sure to let-go and let Lazar and Mila have fun with it! I encouraged them to use whatever pieces of Atkinson candy they wanted, even if that meant a half eaten piece! I wanted them to know that just because something isn’t put together perfectly doesn’t mean that it isn’t.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

The kitchen became more and more messy but the memories being created only got more and more amazing! I truly enjoyed watching them get creative and enjoy their time!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

The finished gingerbread house currently sits on our kitchen table and every time Lazar and Mila pass it by they love to look at it and point it out to me! “LOOK Mama! LOOOOOK!” Just hearing the joy and excitement they still have, made the disaster of a kitchen totally worth it and I already look forward to next year, since this will most definitely become a annual tradition in our home… all thanks to Atkinson Candy Co!

HAVE FAITH MAMA(S)… remember it’s not the house that makes the home! It’s all the little, wonderful moments and experiences that do! Lets make sure we don’t miss out on them!

**ALSO** Use code: HAVEFAITHMAMA to receive 20% off your entire purchase at Atkinson’s online Candy Shop!

Head over to: if you would like to vote for our gingerbread home!



Mama Time!

Motherhood and time sure do go hand-in-hand. One second we are wishing away certain (hard) stages and the next, we are devastated to see our babies grow up! Time is a tricky thief that seems to steal years away before my very eyes! Yet, in reality, only three years have passed since becoming a Mother. I truly have found joy in every stage my kiddos have went through in the short amount they have been here. Of course there are times I get frustrated and catch myself thinking about what it will be like when they can finally use the bathroom by themselves and express their feelings without grunts and moans… haha But, honestly I am just so thankful for the time I have been blessed with and I look forward to the many days ahead!

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What better way to keep track of time than in the most stylish, practical way possible… I absolutely love my Jord wood watch! It is a light wood tone in Fieldcrest Maple. This watch is the perfect accent to my wardrobe and as a busy Mom of two plus one on the way, sometimes all it takes is a pretty watch to make my outfit feel complete without putting too much time and thought into it!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I know during this season of Motherhood, I don’t always have the time to shop the isles of the department stores, seeking the perfect gifts. So what better way to prepare for that christmas list than to make it nice and simple. Follow this link to receive 25% off your purchase at Jord and make this Christmas timeless and one to remember! There is an awesome selection of men and women’s watches so everyone is covered!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

With the holidays quickly approaching and the new year in the horizon, I can’t help but feel so thankful for the time God has provided me as a Mommy to Lazar and Mila, with Leo arriving so soon! I plan to cherish the moments I have and not stress over the ones to come. Each moment is an opportunity to help our children grow and learn and that is certainly my goal! I’ll also be able to keep a close eye on that pesky time thief with my Jord watch always close by!

HAVE FAITH MAMA(S)…don’t let time steal your moments or joy! Enjoy it and cherish it!

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A Moment for Mama.

Last weekend some of my favorite ladies and I ventured to Milwaukee for a mini girls trip! To say I was hesitant, would be an understatement… My son is almost 3 and my daughter is almost 2, I have never left them for more than a few hours (most likely getting my hair done), let alone spent the night away from them in a different city! Milwaukee is about an hour and fifteen minutes from where we live so I felt confident if I needed to rush home, it would be a comfortable distance for me. I’m a stay-at-home Mom and I am far from comfortable leaving my kids… Call me overprotective, or crazy or just plain silly! I’m just not used to it and it truly gives me all sorts of feels… and not the happy ones… haha I know my babies were in great hands when I left and I was barely gone for 24 hours, yet I still had a pit in my stomach as I was leaving… My daughter cried in my husbands arms reaching for me saying “MAMA!” as I drove away, talk about swallowing the biggest lump in my throat. I just knew I needed to relax and enjoy this short little time to myself, knowing my sweet Mila would be just fine… without me (for a day at least) hehe!

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The truth is, I was supposed to go on a girls trip shortly after I had my miscarriage. I was extremely sad and down in the dumps, but I had talked with another Mama and friend and thought it would be the perfect time to take a little getaway. It was a plan, until it wasn’t… I really needed to heal through that awful, awful miscarriage and I thought spending a night away to just relax and have some fun girl chats would be perfect! Let’s just say it didn’t work out that way. Sometimes when things are important to you, it doesn’t always mean they are going to be to others, and that’s ok! God designed my healing journey to go a little differently. That girls trip wasn’t meant to be, but This one was for whatever reason… God truly knows what we need when we need it, we just have to trust in that!

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It amazes me that even when we least expect it, God always has a way of making all things new and right! I never expected to get pregnant so soon after having the miscarriage and I never expected to handle a night away from my kiddos as well as I did. I prayed and asked God leading up to my trip to allow me to relax and just enjoy each moment.

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With everything the girls and I decided to do, I found myself envisioning what it would be like or how it would be different with the kids along (since they always are). I was able to realize that it IS OK to enjoy myself even though they weren’t with me. I noticed I didn’t care if there was a line at the check-out, or if there was a long wait to get seated for dinner, or if there were traffic jams or even the latest of bedtimes (although, lets face it, we were all in bed by 11pm)! I was just able to go with the flow! Typically when I take the kids, well, anywhere… I find myself getting worried from time-to-time about some of the things I listed, because I don’t want Lazar and Mila to get restless or impatient… basically trying to avoid any type of tantrum if possible. I never think about how I personally feel, because when it comes down to it, I don’t mind those small inconveniences. They don’t matter, and what I realized is I put my kiddos ahead of my own needs and that is (in my opinion) how it should be! So having a night away to just let things go was refreshing!

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When I became a Mom it was an adjustment; specifically, a mental one… I typically only thought of myself and what I preferred. I cared what others around me wanted or needed but the reality was, I looked out for myself and took care of my needs. Of course I took care of Paul, as my husband but he didn’t and doesn’t rely on me as a child does. Becoming a Mom was the first time I suddenly had to change that mentality and it didn’t seem like a huge sacrifice or burden, it seemed like a privilege and honor… it still is! I love every minute of being a Mommy! I love my sons raspy voice yelling out to me… “Hey Mommy, whaaaa you doin?!” I love when I see my daughter each morning and the first thing she does is give me the tightest squeeze and kiss! I love each and every flutter and kick happening inside my growing belly and I wouldn’t change any of it for the world!

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Lightbulb moment happened when I got home last Sunday afternoon. It’s OK to take a Moment for Mama, healthy even… But it’s also ok to truly enjoy the craziness of everyday Motherhood! It’s not easy, but it really is worth it! If you are a Mom and need a moment for yourself, you are just normal! So many instances can seem overwhelming and crazy, but God created you to be the mother of your children, He created you to take on the responsibility of caring for them and providing for them! He wants you to spread His love and what better way than to put your all into raising your children!?!

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No matter what we go through in life, God always wants us to rely on Him to help us through it… positive or negative. Having that girls trip last weekend was a blast, the hotel and city was beautiful along with the company! I am thankful I was able to experience it! I am thankful for my Mother-in-law that watched the kids while Paul was at work and I’m forever thankful for Paul for allowing me to do basically, anything I ask of him! He is always supportive and cares for myself and our kids in a way I find inspiring! I’ll forever adore him!

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Moral of the story… take a moment for yourselves Mama’s! Whether you need it or not; when we take time to better ourselves we are only going to be better for the ones around us! Pray about it and God will always make it clear! Enjoy being a Mama, especially if you have young babies… they grow waaaaay too fast and we will find ourselves wishing those young years back before we know it (I mean I already do it, how am I going to be in 10 years or 20?!)! Embrace the people around you, the ones that love and care for you really do want to love and care for you, so let them! Before the trip, that was something I struggled with and honestly still do. I always thought I needed to take care of myself and my family but God gives us each other to truly be there for one another, to lean on each other and encourage one another! Just embrace it and give it back whenever you’re able!

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Have Faith Mama(s)… take a moment and realize what you’ve got, what you need and what you want! Accept the love around you and give it back as often as possible! God will always provide when you seek Him!