It’s not the house that makes the home!

We were so excited to work with the Atkinson Candy Co. They sent us a big box of goodies that included everything you would ever need to assemble the perfect gingerbread house! I knew Lazar and Mila would love this experience for the obvious reason… candy! Atkinson Candy Co. made it extra special and delicious, providing lots of yummy candy options. I was determined to make the gingerbread house as perfect as possible, but as we got started I realized it isn’t about making it perfect that matters… I quickly realized it’s all about the memories we are sharing and creating through this gingerbread house experience!

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I talk about this often, but it’s something that holds a lot of truth; I think as Moms we feel like we need to get everything perfect… We try and provide the best for our families and sometimes our idea of perfect isn’t what our children and husband actually need or even expect, contrary to what we might think.

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Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

As much as I try to keep the house spotless… having the laundry done, folded and put away nicely, floors vacuumed and moped, and dishes washed, dried and put away, I know thats not what makes a house a home.

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Having a home is a place that is filled with love and laughter with the occasional tears and arguments that inevitably happen, but ultimately make everyone stronger! Grace and patience are qualities that I am constantly reminding myself to give not only to my children and husband, but to myself as well!

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So as we assembled the gingerbread home, I made sure to let-go and let Lazar and Mila have fun with it! I encouraged them to use whatever pieces of Atkinson candy they wanted, even if that meant a half eaten piece! I wanted them to know that just because something isn’t put together perfectly doesn’t mean that it isn’t.

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The kitchen became more and more messy but the memories being created only got more and more amazing! I truly enjoyed watching them get creative and enjoy their time!

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The finished gingerbread house currently sits on our kitchen table and every time Lazar and Mila pass it by they love to look at it and point it out to me! “LOOK Mama! LOOOOOK!” Just hearing the joy and excitement they still have, made the disaster of a kitchen totally worth it and I already look forward to next year, since this will most definitely become a annual tradition in our home… all thanks to Atkinson Candy Co!

HAVE FAITH MAMA(S)… remember it’s not the house that makes the home! It’s all the little, wonderful moments and experiences that do! Lets make sure we don’t miss out on them!

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Head over to: if you would like to vote for our gingerbread home!



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