Hospital Bag Essentials.

Yay! It’s finally time to bring your baby home from the hospital! You’ve been waiting for this moment for 40 weeks (possibly more)! But all of a sudden you might feel overwhelmed… like, “what does the baby really need right away?” “What do I need?” “Do I need to bring snacks?” “Or should I bring all my shower gear?!” Ahhhh it’s simple really, in reality ALL you need is to be there for your new little one! He/She want’s nothing more than to be snuggled and fed by His/Her new Mama! BUT, if you are wondering what things might be helpful during your hospital stay after you meet your most precious gift, this is a list I came to perfect after having done this two times before in the last 3 years!


O N E:

You most likely bought or received some super, trendy, rad diaper bag that has all the right compartments for all the little things you and your sweet babe will need, not only in the hospital but also well afterwards. Might as well get it nice and ready for all the future adventures you’ll plan to take after you’ve given yourself the proper amount of time to heal/recover that is! I will be bringing my Whirlwind diaper bag along! This bag is as functional as it is beautiful! Here is a link to the Whirlwind bag I own! I highly recommend this bag whether you are a first-time Mom or a seasoned one, this bag is amazing!

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T W O:

Now that you have the perfect bag to carry all the essentials, you have to fill it! The hospital is going to provide you with diapers and wipes for your baby, but I use The Honest Company brand for all my diapering. I like to bring my own (this is completely personal preference) I look at it like, I would like to start my baby off with what I will ultimately be using on him/her right away, rather than having to switch and possibly cause an unnecessary rash or something from the change. The odds of that actually happening are probably zero, but like I said it’s simply my personal preference. You can always ask someone from your hospital what types of diapers and wipes they use and you may decide to use the same ones!

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T H R E E:

Diaper rash cream! Honestly you’re probably not going to need this, but this follows my motto with bringing my own diapers and wipes. I like to be prepared with the products I trust and plan to use on my baby when we are home. Not saying what the hospital is offering isn’t adequate, I’m sure it is more than ok, just going back to my personal preference again. This is also apart of The Honest Company brand that I trust in and love; since it has worked great for Lazar and Mila.

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F O U R:

Receiving blankets! I rely on these blankets for so many things. You can swaddle your baby in them, you can use it as a nursing cover, you can use it as a soft surface to lay your baby on. Ultimately, I like to use it as a spit-up rag. So glamorous, I know! haha But, babies spit-up, drool, etc and you want something silky soft to take care of those inevitable “spills!” My favorite brand is Aden and Anais! These blankets are super soft and just so convenient to have! You won’t regret packing this in your diaper bag ever!

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F I V E:

Swaddle! Your baby was just born and was literally in the most comfortable situation possible… floating around in your womb, nice, cozy and warm. Now they are out in the cold world and want that squishy warmth back! That’s where a swaddle comes in handy! I love seeing my baby perfectly content and swaddled! I mean how adorable is a swaddled baby?! This swaddle is called an Embe swaddle, it has two different options for swaddling your fresh new babe! It can wrap them completely up keeping them cozy or you can give them a cooler feel by letting their little legs hang out, either way it’s essential for your hospital bag!

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S I X:

Zipadeezip! I cannot tell you how many Mama’s I have recommended to this product! It is something so simple, yet truly effective! Typically your baby won’t need this until they outgrow their swaddle but in some cases (like my Mila) babies won’t always like being swaddled. The zippered-zip is literally called a swaddle transition, so when they get stronger and can break out of their swaddle they are ready for the zippered-zip. Like I said, not all babies like to be swaddled so zipping them up into this ensures they will be kept warm without potentially suffocating by having a blanket over their face. I know that sounds dramatic, but I never compromise safety. My 2 and 3 year old still sleep with their “Ni Ni’s” (zipadee-zips)! I’ll be bringing a zippered-zip just incase Leo doesn’t like the swaddle like Mila.

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S E V E N:

Outfit(s)! Ok, again, the hospital is going to put your baby in a fresh, new onesie, but  I like to bring freshly washed zipper sleepers. I bring a few… in case of spit-ups and blowouts. I also like to bring a couple different size options. Lazar never fit into newborn clothing, so I was happy I brought 3 month sleepers as well.  Don’t pack that adorable little sweater vest and suspender outfit your trendy Aunt bought you, stick with the zipper sleepers! You’ll thank me for this one! First of all your baby doesn’t care about fashion, they just want to be comfortable! Second, I specially mentioned zipper sleepers because trying to button 675 buttons when you have a fussy newborn isn’t fun! Zippers are your best friend especially during the middle of the night blow-outs! I should add, I love the sleepers that have the flap on the wrists so you can put it over your babies hands. Not only will this keep your baby extra warm it will also prevent them from scratching their face and they will if their little fingers aren’t covered, you don’t want to see your babe all scratched up, they don’t like it and you won’t either!

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E I G H T:

Hat and mitts! I think you can tell that I really put a lot of thought into keeping my baby warm and comfy! Like I said they just came from the comfort of your warm, squishy womb, now they want the next best thing! Keeping their little head and hands warm is going to greatly help them remain comfy and content! The mitts are also helpful if the clothing you have them in doesn’t have the hand coverage I mentioned in number 7. These little mitts really will save them from scratching you and themselves!

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N I N E:

Now onto items I plan to bring for myself! 1-8 should be all the extra things you need for your baby. Your baby isn’t the only one thats going to be a little less comfortable… I like to be the most comfortable I can be, given the situation. So taking the stiff hospital gown off is always a great first step! I like to bring a thin Pinkblush delivery robe so it’s easy to nurse in and it’s not in the way when the nurses come to check/push on your belly. I’m also going to bring my Dwell and Slumber dress along this year as well! It’s a caftan gown that’s functional for nursing as well!

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T E N:

Nipple and hand cream! If you plan on nursing you will certainly want nipple cream! This is one of those things ya just gotta trust me on! Your nipples are not use to being used constantly, so they are inevitably going to get sore, this is where the Tubby Todd nursing salve will come in handy, its also safe for your baby! The Tubby Todd hand cream is just an added bonus to have along as well!

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I was also sent a product from Italy that is focused on #HAPPYNIPPLES It’s a safe, effective and natural way to soothe and protect your nipples through nursing! I have never had the opportunity to use this product and I am so excited! I was told to put the Silverettes on immediately after giving birth, then take them off while nursing, but as soon as the baby is finished eating, to put them back on again. The silver will sooth and it also has healing properties! Let’s just say, these things sound like a dream! Im excited to let you know how they work!

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E L E V E N:

Boppy Pillow! Hopefully you received this little gem at your baby shower, because if you have decided you are going to nurse your baby this pillow will come in handy greatly (especially is you have a c-section, it keeps the baby off your incision). I like to bring it to the hospital because they don’t offer one and the pillows there just don’t do the trick! There are so many different options for boppy pillow covers but this one from Madly Wish is stunning!

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T W E L V E:

Mama’s going home outfit! Really the last thing you want to think about is what you are going to wear on your car ride home from the hospital but you have to be prepared and you will want it to be comfortable, especially if you are having a c-section, since it is a major surgery and you are going to be a lot more sore from the incision than if you have a natural birth. I’m so excited to wear my Blanqi postpartum + nursing support leggings and tank top!  I’ve been living in my Blanqi maternity support legging and tank top, so I know these won’t disappoint!

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I’ll be wearing my Blanqi maternity belly support leggings and tank top along with my Madewell sweater coat and Ugg slippers to the hospital, so when I leave I plan on just switching out my maternity wear for my postpartum wear!

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T H I R T E E N:

Makeup/shower essentials! I like to bring shampoo and conditioner with a fresh bar of soap/facial wipes and really anthying else in order to feel fresh and clean. Don’t forget your tooth brush and tooth paste! It’s so easy for me to pack my makeup since it’s all-in-one convenient compact! Let me know if you want to know more about my Maskcara makeup routine and how I can easily set you up with it as well!

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L A S T L Y:

There are going to be some personalized things you may want to bring, like a certain camera, essential oils, chapstick or whatever it may be… don’t forget to bring your phone and phone charger. ALSO, if you want to give your baby a pacifier don’t forget to bring at least two, possibly three just to be safe! But really, it’s truly all about you and your baby! Be there for him/her and give them all the snuggles and kisses possible! It goes by way too quickly! I envy the gals who are able to have home births but unfortunately that’s not my reality and it may not be yours either. It’s so important not to focus on what’s missing or what could have been, it’s just ESSENTIAL to focus on that new beautiful life God just blessed you with!

HAVE FAITH MAMA(S): Remember there is nothing more essential than loving that new baby God just blessed you with! Soak it all in and focus on that and let this list just be a helpful reminder of some other things you may want to bring along!




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