7 Beach Bag Essentials.

We are fully immersed into summer and all the fun that comes along with it; specifically the BEACH! The weather has been so amazing lately that we have been taking full advantage of Grandma and Grandpa’s house on the lake. I mean, we not only get to experience the perks of living on the lake, but we also get to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa (my Mom + Dad) along with it! My brothers and I were fortunate enough to grow up going to our Grandparents lake cottage as well and it was truly a privilege and added such amazing memories to our childhood! So now that my kiddos get to experience the same thing makes my heart so happy! I decided it was only fitting to put together my go-to beach bag essentials when traveling to gma + gpa’s for the day!

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1st: S W I M S U I T S

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You can’t enjoy splashing in the water in your clothes… I mean you could, but doing it in a cute suit is way more fun! These adorable + affordable swimsuits are from Old Navy!

2nd: S W I M  D I A P E R S

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Before getting the kiddos in their swimsuits I put them in these cute little swim diapers. Personally, I find that the disposable swim diapers are a waste of money and quiet honestly, a lot of the time we let L+M go diaper-less anyways! These diapers are from The Honest Company. They work great and if the inevitable BM happens they are easy to rinse and wash just like cloth diapers!

3rd: T U R K I S H  T O W E L

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I am a huge fan of turkish towels! Not only are they beautiful, they are also extremely functional! For one, they are very absorbent and they dry quickly because of the thin, but oh so soft material. I sometimes wear it like a scarf or shall and it can be used like a mini blanket/throw as well. It comes in perfect to lay my daughter on so she doesn’t get all full of sand! This turkish towel is from Mae Woven. I definitely recommend checking out her FAB Etsy shop: http://www.maewoven.etsy.com

4th: B L A N K E T // T H R O W

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Although I sometimes use our turkish towels as a blanket/throw, I still think its essential bringing a blanket to the beach. I use it to cover the kiddos up on breezy boat rides, I lay it down on the sand (as I mentioned) so my 6 month old daughter doesn’t roll around in it, it’s perfect as a changing station, we even drape it over chairs as a sun blocker at times and lastly, it’s just too cute to leave home! This gorgeous blanket is from the sweetest Mama, Siera Weatherall! You MUST check out her amazing Etsy Shop as well: AnnieMae Home Decor:  http://www.etsy.com/shop/AnnieMaeHomeDecor?ref

5th: S U N S C R E E N

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No beach bag would be complete without sunscreen intact! I do not lather my kiddos in this stuff… I let them soak up the amazing benefits of vitamin D that the sun provides. So after some extended time in the sun I will then apply sunscreen on them, but I really do think it is important to let their bodies soak in what God created to benefit them (of course not allowing them to burn)! This is Honest Company sunscreen and we also use a brand called Coola sunscreen, which is amazing!

6th: S N A C K S + W A T E R

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Since my daughter is still nursing this one isn’t so essential for her…but for my 1.5 year old son, these little snacks are crucial! Especially the water! It is so important when we have our little ones out in the sun all day to keep them hydrated. So when I have snacks for Lazar he likes to have his water or bottle near to wash it down with. Puffs and Yogis are perfect for the beach because if you loose some along the way it’s really not that big of problem a hungry little birdie can’t fix! 😉

7th + final: B E A C H  T O Y S

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I always find it helpful bringing little toys with me wherever I go, and the beach is certainly no exception! Thankfully Grandma and Grandpa have it stocked with buckets, pails and sand shovels for building the ultimate sand castles!

So there you have it! These 7 essentials have yet to let me down this summer! They seem pretty basic, but I’m hoping they helped if even just a little! Happy Summer!

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Have Faith Mama(s)…now that you know the essentials, you can sit back and enjoy watching your kiddos make sweet sweet memories!







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