O’Neal & Co. Natural. Simple. Handmade Soap

Ok, so I’m super excited about this post! The sweetest Mama contacted me and asked if I would try out her amazing soap! she let me choose one so I picked “Utter Heaven” from her Etsy shop. Let me just tell ya, it really is heaven! Not to mention it arrived looking absolutely adorable! I mean the detail in the soap itself is honestly the cutest touch! My son saw it and immediately pointed to it enthusiastically saying, “Mama, MOOOOOO!”


I couldn’t wait to shower that night after receiving this soap in the mail. This particular soap (Utter Heaven) is made out of oatmeal, milk, and honey with pure shea butter… It smells so yummy I wanted to take a bite right out of it! The texture is soft and creamy leaving your skin feeling, not only clean, but smoooooth! 😉 I also love how thick it is, so you really get good bang for your buck, priced at only $6!


I asked Emily, the Mama who creates these dreamy, soapy bars of goodness to tell me a little bit about how she got into the soap business. This is what she had to say:

“When my son was born, it became immediately evident that he had sensitive skin. After trying lotions and soaps across  the market, without much avail, I knew it was time to dig deeper in order to make progress. That is when I learned to make old fashioned handmade soap. What I love about this is knowing every ingredient going into the soap, and I can include additives that naturally improve the skin. In my journey as a mother, I have met many people that have endured the same struggles, and simply want to have healthier skin by using natural handmade soaps. And so, O’Neal & Co. was created in order to spread the love of healthy skin and natural soaps.”


Emily is such a great example of a Mama who put her baby first and went the extra mile to help him out with his sensitive skin. What a blessing it is now that we can all share in on her natural, simple, handmade soaps! Check out her Etsy shop and all the other soaps she offers:


Have Faith Mama(s)…sometimes the early trials can turn into the later triumphs!



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