Ready to Ship + Humbled.

Well, it’s time to ship out my HAVE FAITH MAMA tee’s! As I was putting these orders together I couldn’t help but feel beyond humbled!


I honestly had no idea how you all would like or even dislike my t-shirts… I put a ton of thought and energy into creating these shirts and I am just so thankful that people are actually supporting me with their purchases. It means the world to me + I am certainly not taking any of this for granted! Without the love and support of my amazing husband this entire process would not have been nearly as smooth, so he deserves a shout out and extra kisses indeed! So Paul, if you’re reading this, you rock! XO


Now it’s time to ship out my first 10 orders and I couldn’t be more excited for all you ladies to receive your HFM tee’s! Be sure to post a picture and hashtag: #havefaithmama so I can see how you style your new favorite t-shirt! Much love + Many thanks! I’m so glad I had faith to start this new business! God is GOOD!

**If you haven’t ordered one yet, go to the top of my page and click the three little lines where shop will appear and that will take you to my Etsy shop.


Have Faith Mama(s)… what starts as a simple idea can quickly turn into a humbling success!

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