2 Promises my kids deserve that I plan on keeping forever + that’s a promise!

“Suuuuuure we will buy you a pony honey! I promise!”

“You want a four wheeler and a puppy? You got it! I promise!”

Does anyone else remember hearing their parents make silly little promises that you held onto for way too long!? I honestly thought my three brothers and I were all going to get our own puppy and yes, our very own four wheeler as well! To this day, we laugh at my Dad for making that promise, but ya know what… We had plenty of puppies growing up and we even had that four wheeler as well. All is good and now that I am a parent myself, I can look back and see how amazing my parents were and frankly, still are! I mean they really did get me the pony (horse) they always promised! Sorry if that ruins this a bit for all you ladies that never got one! Go buy one for your kiddos, they will thank you later… I promise!

Seriously though making promises, real promises, is something I hold myself accountable to. I made a promise to Paul (almost) 3 years ago to be his wife through good times and bad… He makes that promise easy for me! I love that man so much and he really is such an outstanding Dada! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… He still gives me butterflies to this day when he walks through the door! It really is true… I promise! Since our anniversary is approaching, I have been thinking about that marriage commitment we made to each other and the promises we made that day. I thought, I want to make clear promises to the mini loves of my life as well! So here they are, the 2 promises I am making to Lazar and Mila that I will never break!

**(This picture was taken right before nap time if you couldn’t tell by Lazar’s face haha)



to cherish the little things, the little moments. That means:

to take a step back and forget about the messy house that needs to be cleaned and just chase you and tickle you.

to always kiss and hug you even if its embarrassing (sorry I’m not sorry). I think about being old and grey and still reaching out for your hands to hold them and remember how much you needed me… But really I’m the one that has always needed you!

to pray for you forever… I know you are both going to grow up and I won’t be able to hug and kiss you every day (I WISH + I can’t think about that right now ((tears))) but I CAN and I will pray for you everyday! I will continue to ask God to watch over you, protect you and keep you both safe, happy and healthy!

All this… I promise you! The little things really can mean the most!



this one is short and sweet, but means the most of all…

to love you.

to love you unconditionally.

to love you to the moon and back.

to love you so you’ll know, no matter what happens in life, Mama loves me! You will never have to worry or question that!

to love you on your good days and yes, even on your bad or sassy days, as I like to call them.

to love you forever. And ever and ever!

Gosh, I really LOVE YOU 2!

In my head I promised myself these things before Lazar was even born. I’m so thankful God placed these thoughts and feelings on my heart to think about and write down! I will probably make many promises to my kiddos throughout their lives and they may even laugh at me one day for how unreachable those presumed promises were (although if I could, I would give them the moon and stars) but they can rest assured, Mommy isn’t breaking those 2 promises listed above: cherish the little things and my love!

Have Faith Mama(s)…what do you want to promise your kiddos? Think about it, it’s so heartwarming… I promise! 😉



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