Marie Lynn Skincare.

My sweet new friend Sara recently sent me these amazing products and I have been loving them ever since! In todays world it seems everyone is seeking out products that are all-natural, organic, non-toxic, pure and simple… Well, these products can check all those requirements off your list! Not only are all her products beautifully packaged they also are truly good for you and won’t harm you OR your children. All of us Mama’s know how delicate and sometimes sensitive our mini’s and their skin can be, so the last thing we want to do is irritate them, these products are just what we have all been looking for and more!

eucalyptus | grapefruit S P R I T Z:

This refreshing + multi purpose mist fills the room with the most glorious fragrance! When I first received this package in the mail, this is the first product I reached for. I immediately sprayed it in my car and fell in love! My husband even agreed that the smell was not too strong, yet refreshing. That’s a win-win in my book!

organic S A L V E:

MMM! MMM! MMM! // all purpose + skin-loving salve for the whole family! This was the second product I reached for after basking in the refreshing scent of the spritz! I took a tiny smudge using my index finger and smoothed it over the top of my hand. It’s true! It really is “buttery soft and ready to love on your skin!” I proceeded to apply the salve to a couple of mosquito bites I had gotten from the night before and it drastically made a difference; no scratching and the redness completely vanished by the following morning! This product is also safe on our sweet sweet babies! I applied it to my 6 month old daughter who had a dry patch of skin on her belly and it is doing the job wonderfully with no signs of irratation! I slipped this little guy right into my diaper bag so I will always have it on hand (no pun)! 😉

cocoa~mint L I P  B A L M:

I have always loved trying out new lip balms, literally ever since I’ve been a young girl! I was THAT daughter that always asked Mom to buy me a new sparkly something-or-other (typically lip gloss) from the store! So this item probably won’t last long in my hands! It is so smooth and glossy, I feel like it melts the second it touches your lips. Leaving you with a subtle yet beautiful shine, all while repairing your dry, cracked lips! I should also mention, you are going to be tempted to eat it, as it has a light smell of chocolate because of the cocoa seed butter ingredient. Y U M!

clay facial mask F R E N CH  GREEN:

If you have never had the chance to try a clay facial mask, here is your perfect opportunity! This mask feels completely luxurious when its applied. You’re going to want to slice a cucumber and place them over your eyelids and take a nap when using this spectacular product! It was worth taking a little extra time after my shower to apply this to my face. My husband has put in his request that I do his face next!

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I asked Sara to share a bit of her story and how she decided to create these wonderful products! Here is what she said,

“I’m a stay at home mom of 4 kids who range in age from 2 to 11 years old. My husband and I have been married for 13 years and we live in a small community in Nebraska. When my 4th baby was born, I got introduced to essential oils and fell head over heels. Some rashy skin issues with my daughter and some really bad blemish problems with myself pushed me into researching more about natural and organic skincare. The salve I sell today (with some modifications) was one of the first things I tried to make. It became addicting, looking through my mainstream products and thinking: “I could make that!”. I became increasingly convinced that skincare was a significant way that my family could reduce their toxic load and receive the therapeutic benefits of essential oils in a daily, convenient way. Every last one of my products contain essential oils in safe dilution rates, to boost the therapeutic nature of the product and speak to it’s intended usage.

A couple of my friends really encouraged me to make the products available for sale for other mamas who were in the same boat. So last August (2015), I did! Over this year, I have settled into the handful of products that I sell today. These products have been formulated and developed based on my own family and friend’s needs, so they are very dear to me, and I feel as though I pour my own heart into each jar and tin.

I’m currently studying essential oils and skincare through The School for Aromatic Studies (online) to continue to educate myself in this field.”

So thankful for Sara and all her hard work, determination and love that she puts into all her products! Make sure to check out Marie Lynn Skincare at:

Have Faith Mama(s)…a healthier you starts with you!



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