Long Days + Short Years

I know what you must be thinking…”Paulina, that title makes no sense.” But as a Mom, it really couldn’t hold any more truth! Some days I look at the clock and assume it will read, 3 o’clock when it’s not yet noon. Those are the days where your kiddos want your attention at the exact same time, yet they are wanting/needing two very different things. Those are the days your daughter doesn’t want the pink cup or the blue cup, she just want’s her brothers cup! Those are the days you intended to do the laundry then the dishes but instead the kids tore all the cushions off the couch and got a little too rough resulting in meltdowns! Those are most likely the days when you stayed up too late the night before because you just wanted to catch up on the latest recording of the Real Housewives drama; because let’s face it, its the only time you have to yourself to just sit and not think about a thing!

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BUUUUT that is the beauty of being a parent, especially one that stays home all day with your minis. Those are the simple, beautiful, literally breathtaking moments that make all that other stuff more than worth it! Those are the days your daughter walks up to you reaching her arms out with the biggest smile just to give you a hug and kiss for no reason (it’s the kind of affection that brings the happiest tears). Those are the days when your son shares his beloved (insert important toy at the moment) with his sister without being asked to do so. Those are the days where you had such good intentions to do the laundry and dishes but you decided building a fort and playing peek-a-boo was just so much more important and worth it! Those are the days that you could careless what the clock says, you are just thankful you get the time at all! Those are the days that you don’t care ONE BIT about getting some alone time because you are so aware of how fleeting this time with your children truly is!

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Raising Lazar and Mila has been the greatest gift God has ever blessed me with! I mean those words whole-heartedly too. When God made me a Mother I felt I truly became me, I feel like I am living out Gods plan He has intended for me and I am honored to be in the position I’m in… My kiddos really are the best part of my day! Raising two kids 13 months apart comes with its challenges but honestly the rewards always outweigh. I once wrote a post about raising 2 under 2… Times have changed, they have grown and developed in new ways. I no longer have a newborn and a 1 year old. I now have a 1 and 2 year old… You may not think it’s that much of a difference but so much change takes place in a year of a child’s life; it’s a beautiful thing! They experience the day-to-day adventures the way (I believe) God intended all of us to experience life. When they are standing on the couch and see the big/loud garbage truck come around the corner they get so excited and filled with joy that they can’t wait to include me, “Mama, look! Biiiiig truck! OOOOOH ((giggles)) Biiiiiiiig truck!” The pureness in their voices and the genuine excitement for the simplest things is how we all should celebrate life. Sure, you may not want to throw a party for cleaning toilets but I can guarantee you, if you go into it with a joyful heart any mundane task can quickly become something to be happy about!

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Most of our days raising young children are not always going to have exciting moments, it’s up to us to decide what type of attitude we want to exhibit and put fourth. I believe it’s so important to be mindful of our outlook because in a BLINK our long days are quickly going to feel like short years!

HAVE FAITH MAMA(S)…the long days are sooo worth it! Celebrate the small things with a joyful heart and let time fall where it may! Because time is really what we want the most, but are we really making the most of it!?!   


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