Phoebe Elliot Moccasins

I know I know… I mentioned these adorable moccs on a previous post, but I needed to do another to talk about just how awesome they really are! I don’t know about you Mama’s out there, but when putting shoes on my babies feet, half the time they were off within a few minutes. I found myself constantly putting their tiny little shoes back on their tiny little feet over and over again… So most of the time I would just give up and socks it was, although those seem to constantly fall off as well.


I kept noticing a bunch of trendy Mama’s putting their little ones in these mini moccasins and thought, “I can’t wait to have babies, and see their precious feet in a pair!” When I found out I was pregnant with Lazar I think moccasins were the first item I purchased for him. The pair I purchased were cute, but the quality wasn’t as great as I was hoping for; and at the time I didn’t really know any better.  A close friend of mine recommended the brand she recently purchased (Phoebe Elliot), so I thought I would give them a shot. Glad I did, now I’m hooked on Phoebe Elliot moccasins! Not only are they 100% genuine leather, but they are functional and actually stay on! There are times I make sure to put Mila’s moccs on just so her socks will stay on too!

The colors are beautiful! If you are in search for a more vibrant color or an understated neutral tone, Phoebe will have what you are looking for! Her prices are extremely reasonable, especially because these moccs are 100% genuine leather as I mentioned earlier. You may be thinking these aren’t practical for my walking toddler, but let me assure you, my (almost) 1 1/2 year old has been walking for awhile now and his moccs have held up amazingly!

A family friend of ours who also happens to be a Chiropractor once told me that because Lazar is walking in the soft sole moccasins his feet are actually being strengthened and not limited or confined as his feet grow. Of course your little ones can’t wear moccasins forever! However, that would be adorable! I mean my husband always asks if Phoebe makes them in his size for crying out loud (hehe)!


Overall, my goal is to find great products and pass them along to you! All Mama’s out there are busy, whether you stay-at-home or leave the house for work daily, us Mama’s need to spread the word when we find something that works… Even if it is something as simple (but oh so cute) as moccasins.


I asked Phoebe if she would write a simple bio on herself and mention how she got into moccasin making and what inspires her to do so! She was so sweet and got back to me right away with this:

“I am 26, living in the PNW, best friends with my husband Ky, and follower of Jesus. I have always been the “creative type”, making this or that and a little in between. Even with my practically full time job of being a vintage dealer, I still find time to continue making the moccasins on the side. The moccasins had been something I started just for fun!

With many friends expecting; many baby showers to attend- and my previous experience working with leather- I picked it up as a hobby. They became popular in my local community very quickly! Little did I know it would spread even further to an online marketplace! I created all my patterns from scratch-drew every one out by hand which has gradually evolved over time.

I love the practicality of the moccasins. My inspiration often comes from the joy that they bring to a mamas life! Something so simple, yet fun and memorable. Life should be practical- but it should also be FUN! I can honestly say that each pair is made with love-and a squeal! ;)”

Currently the moccasins are available in three stores nationwide and via ETSY:
*My Eclectic Home / Snohomish, WA
*Eden & Faith Boutique / Portland, OR
*Rustic Nashville / Nashville, TN


Big thanks to Phoebe and all her hard work!

Have Faith Mama(s)…like Phoebe said, “Life should be practical- but it should also be FUN!”



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